A Painting Contractor’s Guide to Paint Stripping

paint strippingBefore  you can paint an old wall, you must remove any old paint from the surface. A wall that has peeling paint decreases the home’s overall value, and it is also dangerous. The main risk involves kids; if they find peeling paint, they might try to eat it. If your paint has lead, you should contact a certified contractor to strip the paint. Professional painting contractors have the skills to remove paint without any issues. However, if your paint is lead-free, you can handle the project yourself.

Before you remove the paint from the wall, you will need proper gear for protection; you will need some protective eyewear and respirators that are disposable. Many paints may have dangerous particles; because of this, you should not inhale dust that generates from the paint.

The floor will get messy during this project; to protect the floor, cover it with a disposable tarp. When dust and paint drops to the floor, the tarp with catch these elements. A tarp makes cleaning less stressful. A disposable cover can also be used; after using the cover, just roll the material up and dispose it.

During the paint striping process, you have to be careful; use even stokes with a paint scraper. Even stokes will remove any paint that is not attached to the wall; most of the paint can be removed with the paint scraper.

Once most of the paint is removed from the wall, you must use a sander to sand the area before painting the wall with new paint. For this task, use a fine grit sandpaper on the entire surface of the wall; avoid over-sanding any areas. After sanding is complete, you should not have any old paint on the wall.

After sanding the wall, you must wash the wall; washing the wall removes particles that were generated by dust. Clean the wall with warm water, but do not over soak the walls; the rag should be damp.

Overall, removing paint is an easy project. If you have issues, hiring painting contractors is highly recommended.

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