Prepping Your House for Painting

While painting takes a good amount of work, often times more work goes into prepping a home for painting. You don’t want paint drips on furniture, nor does painting around your sofa work either. Plus, when preventing paint from crossing over onto other colors, there is a good amount of prep work that must be done before any brush stroke or roller can touch the wall. All of these steps are what the best house painters Phoenix has to offer will perform. It is also what helps ensure the highest quality finished paint job.

Furniture and Items in the Room

If at all possible, items are moved out of the room. Small items can be easily placed in other rooms not needing painting, but often times large furniture simply cannot be moved easily. When this is the case, the furniture should be moved towards the center of the room. This gives clear access to all walls to maximize the work space. With all the items that can’t be moved out of the room pushed towards the middle, drop cloths and plastic sheets are placed over everything to prevent any kinds of spills and drips from touching the furniture. Fabric drop cloths are desired as paint is absorbed and dries faster on the cloth. Paint drips on plastic may take much longer to dry.

Drop cloths can be placed on the floor as well, although professional painting contractors are experts in loading up their brushes and rollers to avoid over saturation, which avoids drips, so this generally is not necessary. However, for home owners not used to painting professionally, drop cloths around floors is recommended.

Taping Off Areas

Whether protecting trim, ceilings or other areas where two colors are to come in contact, taping off these other paint colors is important. Tape is one of the main reasons why one paint job looks professionally done and another looks amateurish. Painters tape takes time to install around trim. Many times measurements are needed to avoid crooked lines, so taping off areas and properly setting up for actually starting the painting process is the most time consuming element of all prep work. This is where many home owners become frustrated and try to skip ahead. With so many other tasks to complete around the house, it is not always possible to focus an entire day on taping and prep work (if not more). Ultimately this usually comes at a price and the finished product suffers from it.

Prepping the Walls

Now that the drop cloths are down and the areas are tapped off it is possible to start painting, right? No. The top Phoenix house painting contractors perform several wall prep steps before proceeding. First they dust and clean off the walls, scraping any cracked and flaking paint away. Sanding down these particular areas so it is smooth with the rest of the wall must occur as well, otherwise paint lays down in an uneven manner. If there are holes in the walls from picture frames or any other reason, these holes must be filled and then sanded until smooth. Once complete, the wall should be rubbed down with a wet rag one last time to remove any dust or sanding debris.

After all of this work, it is finally time to start painting. For the eager home owner, it is possible to do much of this themselves, but it takes time and patience. For those owners who would rather bring in the professionals, top house painters in Phoenix are able to come in and perform all of these prep steps before starting to paint.

Commercial Painting Makes the Building More Inviting

commercial paintingWhile they say, “clothes don’t make the man” there has been some dispute over whether a fresh coat of paint from a qualified and experienced commercial painting group really makes much difference for the health of your building. Here are five of the best reasons why you should consider having a proper fresh coat of paint applied now.

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Prep Your Home For Pool Season with Electrostatic Painting

electrostatic fence paintingIn metro Phoenix, you know that about nine months of the year can very well fall under pool season (especially if you have a heated one). As the days grow longer and the temps push upwards, that water will look more and more inviting. That doesn’t mean you don’t have a bit of work to do to prep your outdoor living space. With BBQs and cookouts taking place outside, having the surrounding area updated and painted is a must. If you have ever tried to paint your fence before, you probably know just how much of a pain it really is. From chain-link to cast iron, trying to coat the paint with a brush just doesn’t work very well, not to mention it is time consuming. That is exactly why you need to check out electrostatic painting. Whether you do it yourself or you bring in professional painting contractors to take care of the job for you, this is a quick and effective way to restore your fence’s beauty.

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What to Expect When Asking An Exterior Painting Quote

window shutters paintingIf you have ever attempted to paint the exterior of a home, you know just how difficult it is to match the same quality level of professionals. Due to this, seeking out painting contractors to come and paint the outside of your house is a must. Additionally, it saves you time while helping you avoid injury or mishaps while painting your home. With that being said, you should know what to expect while asking for exterior painting quotes. Painting the exterior of a home comes with different variables than painting a room inside of the house, so knowing what to look for and what questions to ask is necessary.

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HOA Painting guidelines

As a member of a home owners association, your home is held to a minimum standard of appearance and certain rules are in place to make sure this happens. Sometimes you might believe you are holding up your end of the HOA requirements, until you receive a letter in the mail because your exterior painting needs an update. Perhaps it is cracking, faded or simply the wrong color. After all, you don’t want to be kicked out of your beautiful home and you’d much rather avoid a potentially hefty fine. So what should you do? Well, outside of bringing in HOA painting contractors to perform the task for you, you could possibly complete the painting job on your own with little to no help.

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How to Remove Your Old Popcorn Ceiling

popcorn ceilingAt one point in time, popcorn ceilings proved all the rage. It offered a different take on the traditionally smooth ceiling. It also incredibly dates the home as well. Some ‘vintage’ homes can pull off a popcorn ceiling, but it instantly removes that clean, tight look of a new room. It also makes it rather difficult to clean and, if you have a pet or a past tenant/owner who smoked, the smell is going to stick to the popcorn ceiling and prove especially difficult to remove. Instead of trying to wash down the ceiling, why not just remove the popcorn ceiling? Popcorn ceiling removal isn’t necessarily a hard task to do, but it is time consuming and requires some planning. However, as long as you’re up for putting in a bit of elbow grease into your work, your popcorn ceiling removal shouldn’t prove all that difficult.

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Painting Your Home in the Phoenix Climate

Painting in Phoenix climatesPhoenix easily is one of the hottest cities in the country during the summer. But when it comes to painting your home, what are you suppose to do? First, you can always bring in a professional painting contractor to do all of your painting. However, if you are set on painting your home DIY style, then there are a few ways you can go about stucco painting. Fall or Spring is the best time of year to paint your home because of the extreme heat in the Arizona summer. It is better for you and the paint. If you know how to deal with the temperatures and the surrounding problems, your home is going to look beautiful once you are done.

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How to Dispose of Your Old House Paint

paint cansNo matter how accurately you measure out the amount of paint you need for a project, you always seem to have leftovers. Of course, you don’t want to just pitch full cans of paint, so you put it into the garage or a storage room of some sort. After a few projects, that paint is just going to continue to pile up. So what in the world are you suppose to do with it? You can’t just pour it down the drain, and trashing it isn’t really an option because the you can actually find yourself in trouble with local waste management. Instead of doing something illegal with those cans of paint, here are a few ways you can dispose of them.

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I hired an Arizona painting company, now what about the contract?

painting contractSo you just hired an Arizona painting company to paint your house? While you would expect everything to be taken care of from here on out, that is not always the case. While the majority of painting contractors in Arizona hold up their end of the bargain, there is always the one company that wants to take advantage of home owners like yourself. That is exactly why you need to know how to monitor the Arizona painting company and how to do everything in your power to protect yourself. This way, should the contractor not do what they stated they would do (or what you paid for), they will be held responsible.

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Hiring Phoenix House Painters? Check your contractor’s license!

Arizona-Registrar-Of-Contractors-2Maintaining a beautiful looking home is important, not only for your own curb appeal, but to help improve the value of the house, should you decide to sell it at some point down the road. Painting the house is difficult work, especially in the Phoenix heat. Chances are, you probably don’t want to wait to paint it until the cooler winter months, and painting during the evening or early morning of the rest of the year probably doesn’t sound all that great of an idea either. That is exactly why bringing in Phoenix house painters is an excellent course of action. But which painting service provider should you go with? After all, there are dozens of Phoenix house painters available. While some are going to have different price points and others may fit more immediately into your schedule, one of the most important tips you need to follow is looking into their license.

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