Commercial Painting Phoenix

When you need a commercial painter, choose professionalism and proficiency. Let us keep your offices or place of business looking efficient and inviting. Restore the appeal of your condo complex or residential apartment building. For interior or exterior painting, call the Valley’s first choice. Get a three-year warranty on all work.

Punctuality is our principle!
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As your commercial painter, we will strive to stay out of the way of the business you need to conduct. Our customers have told us that they appreciate our flexibility. We can schedule the project on a weekend or after business hours so that the work week is not disturbed. Others are impressed by our insistence on using only premium brands such as Dunn-Edwards, Frazee, Benjamin-Moore, and Sherwin Williams. They know that quality is the best investment because it lasts longer. When it is a capital expense, we understand that you can’t have that line item come around again frequently.

We will only send a commercial painter (or a team) who can confidently handle your kind of project. You can rest assured they have experience in working in offices and business environments. Plus, the fact that they do the job right also extends the performance life of the paint. Our pledge to you is minimum disruption with maximum efficiency. The professionals we send to you are committed to “the four Ps”: punctuality, proficiency, and peak performance.

We a trusted commercial painter on a wide range of projects:
Condo complex (exterior).
Commercial buildings (interior and exterior).
Churches (exterior).
Office interiors.
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The efficiency of the commercial painter you choose is important to you, and so is the result. We use airless spray painting to accomplish most of our exterior work. Of course, rollers and brushes are used on fascia, doors and trim. Inside, we can use an airless sprayer if you specify. Otherwise the work is done with rollers and brushes. We can perform repairs and light carpentry work as part of our services. All of this will be discussed, priced and specified during your detailed free estimate. Call now to schedule an in-person consultation, which can include a professional color consultation if you choose.


A commercial painter can be scheduled after hours on a specified routine basis, to keep walls in high traffic areas looking sharp. First impressions are everything in business. You do not want lobbies, hallways and public conference rooms looking scuffed up and dirty. We minimize our presence with the use of quick drying, low odor paints. Let us set up a schedule that meets your needs.


Not only do we stay out of the way of your operation while we are there, but we depart only after we have removed any trace that we were there. Expect a total cleanup of the area. This is a twofold effort: you will not find any droplets or spatter; and you will not see any rags, trash or discarded work materials left behind.

If you own or manage a business, you understand the value of repeat customers. That is always our goal – to make a customer for a lifetime. We accomplish that goal the same way you do: with the highest level of customer service, beginning with the first impression and ending with your assurance that you are satisfied.

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