Electrostatic Painting for Residential and Commercial Needs

electrostatic stair railEven those who enjoy painting for a living have a few banes in their painting existence. Painting certain items with a brush and bucket take far too long, are tedious and can develop more aggravation than house training a puppy. This includes fencing, railings and just about anything else metal. Thankfully though, there is a way to get around these problem areas and to make sure the surface requiring painting can receive a complete and professional looking paint job. Electrostatic painting is a life saver and is around to make the most difficult jobs far easier than ever before.


Residential House Painting

electrostatic pool fencingAround the house there are going to be different metal objects that require painting. Probably the most difficult of these objects is a fence. Whether a chain link fence around a pool or cast iron fence around the yard, fencing takes far too long and is extremely difficult to do with a brush.

The same holds true with walkway fencing as well. Electrostatic painting is available to make life easier and to speed up the entire painting process. With electrostatic charged paint, it is sprayed out of the nozzle in a fine mist, which then is attracted to the metal in the fence and clings to it not only from all directions (even when painting only from one angle), but it prevents dripping as well.

Painting doesn’t become much simpler than this and, with the help of electrostatic painting, applying a new coat of paint to fencing, stairway railing, garage doors and other often difficult areas to paint may now become a favorite.


electrostatic lockersCommercial properties face many of the same difficulties in painting as a residential property, only to a wider scale. What might have been 300 feet in fencing is quickly turned into 3,000 feet. Plus, in the Phoenix heat, nobody wants to remain outside for hours at a time to paint a fence. Electrostatic painting improves the appearance of the paint job and reduces the time it takes, helping workers move from the sun to the shade and indoors fast. It can also work with indoor commercial areas as well, such as lockers, stair railings and large metal garage docking areas.

As long as it is metal, the electrostatic painting is able to properly and evenly coat the object, saving both time and energy in the process. This is good for everyone involved.

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