Electrostatic painting lasts 3 times longer than standard painting

electrostatic paintingHave you ever tried to paint a metal fence or grating that is not smooth and comprised of open spaces? If so, you know how extremely difficult it is to paint the material. You either are going to need to paint the area multiple times and from every angle, or you are just going to leave the area with imperfections. Either way, painting this area can be more than difficult to do. Even a professional painting company that just uses standard techniques to paint the area is going to run into problems and it will most likely take them far longer to paint, which is not good when running a business and you need the area painted and dried in a short amount of time. In order to do this, electrostatic painting is the best way to do it. There are many advantages of using electrostatic painting with one of the major perks being that it lasts three times longer than standard paint.

What is Electrostatic Painting?

With electrostatic painting, the painting is not applied with a paint brush but instead with a spraying device. The device is able to insert an electrostatic charge into the paint itself. This static charge is opposite the charge found on the metal railing, fence or other material. As the paint charge is opposite of what is found on the painting surface, the paint automatically clings to the metal. Beyond this, the paint is going to go on evenly as the charged paint wants to come in as close of contact with the metal as possible. This prevents the paint from becoming too thick in one area over another.

Paint Once and Forget About It

With electrostatic paint, you do not need to apply paint from different sides, which is something you might need to do with your paint brush and traditional paint. When the paint is sprayed out, it is sprayed in a fine mist. The mist doesn’t just directly cling to the metal. The mist sprays past the metal and then is drawn back due to the electrostatic charge. The charge draws the paint to the metal and allows it to evenly coat every inch of the metal, without needing you to move to any opposite side of the fence or other metal area. This way, you can have the job completed faster, not to mention the paint lasts longer than regular paint.

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