Exterior Painting in Phoenix Arizona

Exterior painting in Phoenix, Arizona (and the surrounding areas) is all about preparation and follow-through. For you to achieve curb appeal, commercial attractiveness, and long-lasting beauty, exterior surfaces must be painstakingly prepared and expertly painted.

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Making a statement with first-quality painting
The luster of the exterior of your home or business makes a statement about you as a homeowner or as a businessperson. It makes the first impression on guests, customers and clients.

Our dedication is to home and commercial exterior painting in Phoenix, AZ
It begins with a clean surface. We believe modern power washing is the most effective method.
Next, we apply good old fashioned wire brushes and knives to scrape loose paint. Minor repairs are included in this step.
Priming will ensure the paint bonds with the surface, and a primer seal stains.
We don’t spare the caulk! This is the best time to give a seamless look near joints, and to address minor but pesky drafts.
After all of that important prep, premier painters using world class brands of paint deliver on-time, on-target quality.

Residential exterior painting in Phoenix, AZ
The success of your project won’t wait until the end – until it’s “too late”. This is an investment that you will live with for years, and you will be delighted from color selection through standing back and admiring the results. Expect expert, free color consultation and a detailed no-cost, no obligation estimate. You can inspect as our technicians comprehensively prepare the surface for the upgrade. You will approve “test spots” of color and texture. You’ll see that windows, greenery, patios and walkways are protected from splatters. Before you step back to survey the whole project, we’ll have cleaned up and left no evidence we were there; except, of course, your superb home improvement.

Commercial painting
This is such an affordable investment in extending the good image of your business. It’s a necessity at apartment and condominium complexes. We understand your need for minimized disruption with maximized attention to cost containment. Expect all of the precautions and service as we give residential projects. Several successful years of commercial exterior painting in Phoenix, AZ has given us knowledge about the ins and outs of commercial surfaces. You’ll get a detailed bid, dependable time frame and distinguished results.

Exterior painting in Phoenix, AZ with proven results
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