Get Perfectly Painted Striped Walls

painted stripesHave you ever seen a television show where the interior designers are showing off a beautiful, striped wall? If so, you might have wondered how they are able to do this. With the help of some professional house painting tips, you are able to actually do this yourself, or you are always free to bring in a quality home painter who can do this for you, if you are still a bit unsure of the process. If you are up for the task though, these house painting techniques can help you out with the process.

To start with your interior house painting project, you need to apply a base coat to the entire room and allow it to dry. Once the paint has completely dried, you want to determine how thick you want the stripes to be. Five inches is usually a good amount. When you know of the length, make a tic mark using a pencil every five inches (or the length you decided upon) around the room using a tape measure. After you have marked out all of the lines, you want to draw a vertical line from the ceiling to the floor along all of the lines. If you have a laser level you can use it to help you draw straight lines.

Now, add a small piece of tape inside the middle of every other stripe. This way, you know where you need to paint and so you do not lose track of your stripes. The last thing you want to do is accidentally paint too many stripes in a row or not enough.

With the stripes marked, you want to dip a rag into the chosen paint, then remove the tape and place small amounts of paint over where the tape was. This way, you can see the area even better and can make sure everything is even after marking it with the tape.

Use the tape and mark up and down along the line of the pencil marks you have made. Make sure the tape is even here. Once the tape is done, you want to paint the individual sections. This way, once the paint is down, you can have all of the stripes properly painted. You do want to make sure that the paint is either completely dry or still fresh while painting before removing the tape though. If it is still soft, you are going to end up pulling off some of the finished, drying paint.

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