Hiring Phoenix House Painters? Check your contractor’s license!

Arizona-Registrar-Of-Contractors-2Maintaining a beautiful looking home is important, not only for your own curb appeal, but to help improve the value of the house, should you decide to sell it at some point down the road. Painting the house is difficult work, especially in the Phoenix heat. Chances are, you probably don’t want to wait to paint it until the cooler winter months, and painting during the evening or early morning of the rest of the year probably doesn’t sound all that great of an idea either. That is exactly why bringing in Phoenix house painters is an excellent course of action. But which painting service provider should you go with? After all, there are dozens of Phoenix house painters available. While some are going to have different price points and others may fit more immediately into your schedule, one of the most important tips you need to follow is looking into their license.

What is a Contractor’s License?

Basically, a contractor’s license states they are legally allowed to paint your home and have obtained the necessary documentation from the state. It proves they know what they are doing and are not just a group of individuals looking to paint houses without any sort of professional experience. All contractors should have a license, whether they perform plumbing, electrical or roofing services. The license can offer you some peace of mind, knowing who you are bringing into your home has been screened and approved by the state.

Why Check the Contractor’s License?

So why should you check the contractor’s license? You don’t know if the Phoenix house painters are holding a current license. A license needs to be approved and renewed on a regular basis. A contractor can also have their license removed if they continually provide inferior work. You need to know if the contractor license is current, if they have lost it in the past, or if they have one at all and the contractors are just saying they have one. The license holds the contractor more financially responsible if they cause damage to your home. Should you bring in an un-licensed company, more of the fault may fall into your shoulders, so if something ends up missing from the house or part of the home is damaged during the painting, it may prove difficult to obtain financial compensation from the painters. A license for painting contractors is very important.

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