HOA Painting guidelines

As a member of a home owners association, your home is held to a minimum standard of appearance and certain rules are in place to make sure this happens. Sometimes you might believe you are holding up your end of the HOA requirements, until you receive a letter in the mail because your exterior painting needs an update. Perhaps it is cracking, faded or simply the wrong color. After all, you don’t want to be kicked out of your beautiful home and you’d much rather avoid a potentially hefty fine. So what should you do? Well, outside of bringing in HOA painting contractors to perform the task for you, you could possibly complete the painting job on your own with little to no help.

Don’t Panic

The HOA might give you a few months or weeks to have the painting updated. Whatever the time frame is, don’t panic. Instead, schedule an estimate with a local painting company to get an idea for how much it might cost. If you have to paint a single wall or small exterior section, it isn’t much of a problem and you can probably paint without an estimate. However, if you need an entire exterior paint job, getting an estimate is the first step. Additionally, contact your HOA to find out what their process is. Some HOA’s have a very specific color requirement. What you might believe is an off-white is actually a slight variation of eggshell white and goldenrod. Last thing you want to do is paint a totally wrong color and have to do it again. Instead, talk to the HOA to find out if there is a specially crafted color. If there is, they probably have suggestions for where you can pick up this paint.

Submit for Approval

If you can select from a variation of paint colors, submit the color for approval before starting. With the approved paint, send over the color code to the HOA painting professionals and they can handle the rest of the work for you. Hire your licensed HOA painting contractor to complete the paint project and you can just sit back and relax while it’s done.

You can check here for your HOA approved paint colors: https://www.dunnedwards.com/colors/archive/color-ark_pro

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