House Painters in Phoenix – Exterior – How to know if your house needs painting

How to tell you need your home needs to be painted.

Paint actually protects the structure of your home including the wood, metal, and stucco. The Phoenix sun is brutal and will cause stucco and wood to crack, letting in water which hastens the deterioration of the structure.

According to the experts at Marcel Painting LLC. this is what to look for:

Wood will start to have peeling paint and cracks will start to appear. It is already time to paint since next step is the wood will warp. This can’t be repaired you will have to replace the wood!

Stucco will start to crack. You can also rub your palm across the painted surface. If you see a white powder like substance on your hand beware. This is called chalking, which is where the paint is breaking down and slowly turning to dust. If you let the stucco go long enough without painting you might have to have a stucco contractor out to do expensive repairs.

Our house painters in Phoenix will properly prepare and paint your home the right way preserving the wood and stucco while making your house look great.

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