How to Clean Up After Painting

So you have just finished painting a room inside of your house, have stepped back to take in your work and appreciate everything you did, when you realize you now have to put everything away. However, this time you want to make sure everything is put away properly, because you know what happens when you don’t clean up your paint brushes and equipment properly. After all, it seems like you have to purchase new paint brushes every time you paint, all because the brushes become hard and corroded with dry paint.

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There really is no reason you should replace your equipment every time you paint, you just need to know how to clean up after residential painting. There are a few basic steps you need to follow before setting up your furniture or putting anything else into the room. This way, you reduce the chance of the paint drying and avoid the difficult task of cleaning out hardened paint.

To begin cleaning up after resident painting projects, fill a bucket with warm water, then take the brushes and brush along the bottom of the bucket. This allows the warm water to move over the bristles, clearing off the paint. Once paint has stopped coming off of the brush, run it under a faucet (place the bucket under the faucet to any additional paint drips do not fall into the sink). Once the brush seems clean and free of water, pour out the bucket of water and refill it with fresh, clean water. Take a painters come and run through the brush. There is most likely some particles of paint stuck on the interior of the bristles which the painters comb is able to remove. You want to use the painters comb to clean the metal part of the brush as well, then take some hand soap and thoroughly work it into the brush, cleaning it off and rinsing the brush off. This way, you have a completely clean brush for your next project.

When it comes to cleaning rollers, use a 5-in-1 tool under warm water to scrape paint off, then spin the roller under warm water to remove all of the water from the roller. When you are completely done, just make sure to mark the paint so you know what room you used it in, in case of touch ups later on down the road for future residential painting.

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