How to Dispose of Your Old House Paint

paint cansNo matter how accurately you measure out the amount of paint you need for a project, you always seem to have leftovers. Of course, you don’t want to just pitch full cans of paint, so you put it into the garage or a storage room of some sort. After a few projects, that paint is just going to continue to pile up. So what in the world are you suppose to do with it? You can’t just pour it down the drain, and trashing it isn’t really an option because the you can actually find yourself in trouble with local waste management. Instead of doing something illegal with those cans of paint, here are a few ways you can dispose of them.

Use It As Primer

Even if it is regular house paint and not primer, if you have the same color sitting around you intend on using somewhere in the house, you can use it as primer. Primer is, more or less, just less expensive paint. So, you might as well use up what you have. At least you’ll clear some space for the new cans of paint you’ll be putting in the garage after you have some left over from the next painting project.

Mix It With Sawdust, Dirt or Kitty Litter

You can’t toss it into the trash because it can screw up some of the waste removal company’s machinery and it can also leak into the local water. In order to actually dispose of it, you need to let the paint dry up. To do this, mix it with sawdust, dirt or kitty litter. This way the paint is used up and is not going to turn back into liquid. So, before you toss the paint into the trash, add some dirt to help it dry out. Nobody said house painting would be clean, but at least you can trash it legally.

Just Dry It Out

Now, this isn’t going to work with a large amount of paint, but if you have a little bit left in the can, you can just open up the lid and let the sun dry it out. After your house painting project, you probably don’t want more work, and you might as well use the sun to help with the problem.

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