How to Remove Your Old Popcorn Ceiling

popcorn ceilingAt one point in time, popcorn ceilings proved all the rage. It offered a different take on the traditionally smooth ceiling. It also incredibly dates the home as well. Some ‘vintage’ homes can pull off a popcorn ceiling, but it instantly removes that clean, tight look of a new room. It also makes it rather difficult to clean and, if you have a pet or a past tenant/owner who smoked, the smell is going to stick to the popcorn ceiling and prove especially difficult to remove. Instead of trying to wash down the ceiling, why not just remove the popcorn ceiling? Popcorn ceiling removal isn’t necessarily a hard task to do, but it is time consuming and requires some planning. However, as long as you’re up for putting in a bit of elbow grease into your work, your popcorn ceiling removal shouldn’t prove all that difficult.

Remove What You Can, Cover What You Can’t

Remove whatever you can from the room. You’re going to have falling ceiling popcorn and the last thing you want to have is the ceiling texture all over everything in the room. So, push out what you can and cover the rest with pre-taped plastic sheeting. You can find plastic painting sheets in the painting department of your local home improvement store. It is cheap and can be recycled when you’re done. The pre-taped option makes it even easier as it sticks down to walls and floors without added tape. Cover all of the walls and the floors with this. You’ll be using some water so the less water comes in direct contact with furniture, walls and flooring the better.

Spray Down the Ceiling

Now spray down the ceiling with water. You have a few options. You can connect a garden hose to your bathroom sink, switch to a light mist setting and coat the ceiling. You can also use one of those bug sprayers with the extended wand. This works great as well. Start in one corner and spray down the ceiling, working to the opposite corner of the room.

Scrape and Remove

Let the water soak in for a few minutes. The lightly saturated popcorn is now ripe for removal. Pull out a putty knife and scrape away at the ceiling. It is going to fall right off like slicing butter. With long, slow, even strokes, you’ll have it gone in no time.

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