How to stain your deck like a pro

phoenix painting contractors deck stainingPhoenix is known to have great outdoor weather in the fall and spring. This is the perfect time to set up your deck for hanging out and entertaining.  Although we  don’t need to deal with all of the excessive rain and snow other parts of the country go through, the sun can do just as much damage to your deck. Due to this, you need to know how to not only maintain your deck but also how to stain your deck like a pro. You are always able to take advantage of Phoenix painting contractors, as they can stain your deck in no time at all and leave it looking amazing. Phoenix painting contractors know the tips and tricks of staining your deck. Below you will learn some of their tips to finish the job with success!

Sanding is Key

It is always important to start with the fresh wood and not paint over the previous stain. You do not need to sand away every element of the former stain, but it is important for you to remove any sort of peeling stain or problem areas. This helps extend the life of the stain. Once you have finished sanding, make sure to wash the deck and remove any sort of dirt and debris left over. Once the deck is dry you can begin staining the deck.

Staining the Deck

Always paint out a small test area on the wood to see if it is a color you like. You don’t want to stain the entire deck, only to find it is not the right color. You also want to start in an area that allows you to walk off the deck when you are done. Never paint yourself in a corner. It is all about where you end while staining the deck rather than where you begin. Use a high-quality deck stain as the less expensive, inferior options are just going to fade quickly. You also want to paint following the grain of the wood and never against it. This helps the stain push deeper into the wood and provides the most coverage as well. Allow the first coat of stain to dry completely, and if necessary, paint a second coat. A second coat might only be necessary if the previous stain is still visible or if the first coat soaked in too much.

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