I hired an Arizona painting company, now what about the contract?

painting contractSo you just hired an Arizona painting company to paint your house? While you would expect everything to be taken care of from here on out, that is not always the case. While the majority of painting contractors in Arizona hold up their end of the bargain, there is always the one company that wants to take advantage of home owners like yourself. That is exactly why you need to know how to monitor the Arizona painting company and how to do everything in your power to protect yourself. This way, should the contractor not do what they stated they would do (or what you paid for), they will be held responsible.

Hiring the Company

For starters, you should never pay with cash. Some companies might try to offer a cash discount, but never pay with cash up front. This is because there is never a paper trail with cash. Whenever you hire a contractor, it doesn’t matter who it is for or what it is connected to, you should always pay with check or debit/credit card. This way, there is a paper trail and proof of payment. If you are on a payment plan, where you pay for each job finished or throughout the course of the job, you should receive a notarized lien waiver or release for each payment. This way, you have proof you not only paid for the services but that the contractor received the money as well. You can also have your bank return a copy of the front and the back of your checks after the payment has been processed.

Maintain the Paper Trail

Maintaining a paper trail is the best way to monitor your contractor. This not only includes the returned check front but also all receipts and documentation for the payments. You should request to have an account statement from your painting contractor that shows what has been paid and what is left to be paid. This way, you know what is left and that both you and the contractor are on the same page. It also helps catch any sort of errors that might have come up unintentionally. Companies sometimes make errors in their bookkeeping. Catching it right away helps save time and energy. Also, when making payments, make the check payable to the painting company and never to an individual name. You shouldn’t pay a contractor’s employees directly either.

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