If your house paint is old, you might have lead paint

old lead paintAny home built prior to 1978 may contain lead based paint.  Professional painters in Phoenix can help you determine if your home at risk of containing lead paint. If lead paint is found in your home, the professionals will help work to remove the old paint and replace it with safer, more modern paints that do not have the health risks that lead based paints pose.

Lead paint can cause a variety of health dangers, especially in children.  Children are at an increased risk for lead based paint poisoning because they may lick the home’s painted services or play with flaking paint chips. Pets can also suffer lead poisoning from paint exposure.  Any time you are remodeling your home; you should also be concerned with the possibility of lead based paint flaking or creating dust.

Federal laws are in place to make sure that all professional painters in Phoenix have undergone rigorous training to identify and deal with lead based paints. Paint professionals will be certified and can provide you with proof of their certification.

Professional painters in Phoenix will test the paint in your house to determine if it contains lead. It can take up to one to two weeks to get the results of the tests back. If lead is found in your home, the professionals will work to remove all lead paint from your home and repaint the areas.

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