Improve Your Metal Fence with Electrostatic Painting

electrostatic fence paintingDo you have a fence, railing or other extended surface that requires painting from all angles? If so, you probably are dreading painting the entire thing. Hand brushing painting a fence such as iron rod or similar material can take forever, as you need to paint one side of it, move around the fence, then apply the paint to the other side. However, by the time you reach the opposite side of the railing you might find the previous coat of paint has already dried, which means your layer on the back side of the material might go on unevenly.

Instead of trying to track down the right kind of paint for your metal surface or dealing with the actual application process, look into working with professional painting contractors that are able to assist you with electrostatic painting. This form of painting is going to prove time saving and cost effective, not to mention you won’t have to perform the painting process yourself. Electrostatic painting is designed to ensure you receive a complete, even coat with the very first application. This way, all corners of the metal is covered and you won’t have to worry about missing a spot or presenting a less than professional fence, railing or other metal material.

Electrostatic painting is a very specific method of painting. It does utilize a spray gun for the paint and a canister holding the paint, but it is actually different from a simple spray paint container. The interior of the electrostatic painting barrel is fitted with small wires.  which the paint moves through. A mesh guard covers the tip of the barrel and, when the barrel is fired, the paint is sprayed outward, similar to mist. While passing through the wires the paint is electrically charged slightly, so it wants to return to its firing point. Because of this, after the paint is sprayed and it reaches its furthest arc outward, it starts to boomerang back towards the nozzle. However, because there is a metal railing, fence or other product in the way, the paint curving back towards the firing device ends up covering the rear of the metal railing. This way, a professional is able to to coat the entire surface area around an object, all without actually having to move to the opposite side of the structure. All of this is designed to improve your metal look.

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