In House Painting, Color Can Affect Your Mood

paint colorsJust about everyone has a favorite color. Whether it is blue or teal, pink or crimson, there are hundreds upon hundreds of colors and variations out there, with each color making a direct impact on your emotional state. Color actually connects mentally and can alter your mood and effect your subconscious, all without you knowing it.

Stores and restaurants incorporate color into the design in order to affect your mood. Fast food restaurants typically use brighter colors on the outside, such as red, orange and yellow, because not only are these warm and happy colors, but the color connects with your desire to eat. However, once you enter, the fast food restaurants often have a cool color pallet of blues, grays and other subtle colors. This is to make it feel cold, which mentally makes you want to leave. Fast food chains use this technique because they want you to come in and buy food, but to leave quickly in order to make room for other customers. 

While you do not need to paint your house different colors in hopes of inviting people in, only to make them want to leave, different colors affect your mood. So when you are looking at house painting, it is a good idea to already know what the different colors are going to do for your mood, before selecting them for your home.

While colors often have different feelings and emotions associated with them, these are the most common:


  • Red: power, passion, warm
  • Blue: soothing, tranquil
  • Green: relaxing, refreshing
  • Yellow: joy, happy, open
  • Orange: endurance, happy, powerful

While there are many different colors you can utilize when considering house painting, these are the most common. Each color is going to have a different affect on you or someone else differently, but these are the general feelings that occur in someone. Red and orange have the closest connection in terms of mood, yet orange provides a more subtle feeling while red is far stronger. This is why orange is often incorporated over red, as red can sometimes be too powerful and actually start to move towards hateful in some people. Of course, with the variations of these colors, such as a rust or opaque orange, you can dull down the brighter colors and make it more comfortable. Either way, you need to consider the moods each colors affects when looking into new house painting colors.

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