Is your pool fence rusty? Try electrostatic painting!

rusty pool fenceIs your pool fence starting to show its age and demonstrating a bit of deterioration? Chances are, if you have had your pool fence up for even a handful of years, any metal fence is going to start to show signs of wearing down.

With all of the chemicals found inside the pool, it is going to end up on the metal of the fencing, which can cause the paint to start to run and the metal to begin eating away at itself. In order to correct this, you need to find a new form of painting that protects the metal fence and prevents this sort of rusting from starting.

Now, you might initially think you need to install a new fence, but thankfully this is not the case. You just need to utilize a professional who can help with electrostatic painting. This is a special kind of painting that is going to provide you not only with the very best quality of paint job, but also the easiest way for improving the quality look of your pool fence as well. If you have ever painted a metal fence before, you know just how difficult it is to do this. You need to go over the fence multiple times from different angles, just to make sure it is completely covered.

However, with electrostatic painting, you do not need to worry about this sort of a problem. Electrostatic paint is projected out of a hose in a fine mist. However, the hardware used to project the mist inserts an electrostatic charge into the paint. This is in direct contrast with the charge found in metal, which causes the paint to become attracted to the metal fence. Due to this, when the paint is electrostatically charged, it clings directly to the metal and causes a smooth coat of paint, as the charged paint wants the nearest connection to the metal, so it is always going to be smooth on the surface.

Beyond this, the painting mist is going to push out past the fence, but as the charged paint is attracted to the metal, it is going to be drawn backwards towards the fence. This way, the back and sides of the metal fence are covered in the paint, without the need to move to the other side in order to provide a smooth coating for your pool’s metal fence.

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