Not all brushes are created equal

paint brushWhen painting your house, you might just stop by the home improvement store and purchase the first paint brushes that you can find. After all, all paint brushes are created equal, right? Well, not exactly, as there is a very large difference between different paint brushes, the quality of work it allows you to do and what exactly the paint brushes are for. So, whether you are bringing in professional house painters for your home or you are looking at painting your house or facility yourself, you need to know what the difference in brushes is and how it can impact the quality of your finished product.


Rollers are very helpful when it comes to covering a large area, and while these are still important, there are certain areas even rollers are not going to work in. Whether it is for painting trim, the edges of your walls, or simply small areas around the house or apartments, you need to often pick up a brush and set down the roller. So, because of this, while your rollers are important, you still need to have brushes on hand for all of your work.


When selecting the best paintbrush for house painters, you need to consider the bristles of the paint brush. Typically, the bristles come down to animal hair or composite material. Animal hair is going to hold onto the paint better, plus it is not going to fall out of the brush as easily. This way, you reduce the appearance of brush strokes while painting and you won’t have to continually pick out bristles form your paint job. A China bristle is exceptional for just about any work, as it is durable and capable of working with heavier paints, so you can focus on perfect strokes, regardless of what or where you are painting.


Nylon brushes are best when using with rough surfaces. The corse bristles are not going to break easily and are perfect when you want to use a latex paint or if you want to paint a hard surface, such as bricks. The softer bristles are going to become damaged easily when painting hard materials.

Synthetic Blend Bristles

If you are looking at using oil paint (make sure to leave the windows open and allow for plenty of drying time), synthetic bristles hold up well with oil and last a long time.

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