Painting Brick Walls on Commercial Buildings

Painted brick wallPainting the interior and exterior of your business is a great way to dramatically change the way your facility looks to the rest of the world. There are times where you just need something different and you are tired of the way the building looks, and in which case, there really is nothing better than a fresh layer of paint. Whether you want to transform your red brick into a bright white in order to draw more attrition to the facility, or if you are looking for an entirely different color scheme all together, paint is able to do all of this for you and then some. Brick is an excellent starting point, as it does allow paint to sit nicely without many streaks due to the slight roughness of the bricks. However, brick also takes longer to paint over than a wood exterior does because of the mortar grooves. This is why it is so important for you to take advantage of a commercial painting service. With the help of the commercial painting service, your company’s building can be completely changed and revolutionized in a short period of time.


The preparation involved in painting brick is very important. The pre-work will determine how good the outcome is:

  • The brick wall needs to first be washed. Paint does not stick to a dirty surface very well.
  • Next a layer of special masonry primer must be applied. Depending on how well the first layer covers, your commercial painting company may have to apply another layer of primer.
  • Now the brick wall is ready for the first coat of paint.

Professional Look

Thankfully, brick usually does not prove as difficult to paint as other materials. The brick allows for an even coating, so the paint doesn’t clump together or streak in different places, which can be a problem with some materials. However, it is still important to provide a unified color over the entire exterior of the building. While the paint might go on well, it is far easier to miss spots with the paint due to the main grooves on the brick. For someone just trying to paint their own building, this can often prove frustrating, as working with a paint brush can force someone to work on the same, small section for long periods of time, and even then, it is easy to miss areas. With a professional commercial painting company at your disposal, you can take advantage of these services and always receive the very best look possible.

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