Commercial Painting Makes the Building More Inviting

commercial paintingWhile they say, “clothes don’t make the man” there has been some dispute over whether a fresh coat of paint from a qualified and experienced commercial painting group really makes much difference for the health of your building. Here are five of the best reasons why you should consider having a proper fresh coat of paint applied now.

Look: A good fresh coat of paint just looks nice. It may sound like a superficial point but when you are talking about commercial painting for your business or even your home, there is a certain amount of truth to the fact that looks count! While it may sound small and insignificant, how well do you think new customers who come upon your business are going to feel about the product you put out if their first impression of your brand is a shoddy coat of paint on your building?

Dust: Dust is a huge problem for buildings and many of us don’t even know about it. The influx of airborne contaminants that your staff, your customers, and you are breathing in while you’re in one such environment is huge! There have been a number of recent studies talking about swine contaminants and the ultimate end of bronchium-constriction that are alarming indeed. These dust particles have a direct lineage from poor, waning paint jobs of the past.

Moisture: Another one of the big concerns for anyone with a building should be moisture. Moisture is all around us and can intrude from anywhere. The effects can be quite troublesome. If there is an influx of moisture into your buildings paint from the outside so it can diffuse into your walls. Taken a step further this diffusion can lead to cracking, peeling, discoloration, and ultimate paint failure. Getting a fresh application of paint is a great step for combating intrusion of moisture.

Curb Appeal: One area where people don’t take paint into account as often as they should is in the real estate game. If you are trying to sell your building and you have exhausted the possibilities on the inside, that’s great. But how are you supposed to get buyers to even enter your location if the leery paint job on the outside is cracked and horrific? People don’t want to work in a scary building, and they don’t want to visit a dilapidated site. Take some pride in your space and get a decent paint job!

“It” Factor: One more hidden gem is the elusive “it-factor.” You may not believe in such hokum but the results speak for themselves. Those who live a healthier life and breathe clean air and eat good food generally are happier. Why should this fact be any different for where people work? If you’re working in a building that looks dreary and run down, it’s laborious to even come inside! Your office should be a welcoming and inviting space that people actually want to come into; a space that YOU actually want to come into! Do yourself a favor and find out about commercial painting to make your office more inviting and your whole outlook will change!

If you are looking for an experienced professional in and around Phoenix who can get you the commercial painting results you have been seeking, one name fits the bill: Marcel Painting. Call us to find out how your home or office can become a place that’s both more inviting, healthier, and more conducive to success!

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