Painting Your Home in the Phoenix Climate

Painting in Phoenix climatesPhoenix easily is one of the hottest cities in the country during the summer. But when it comes to painting your home, what are you suppose to do? First, you can always bring in a professional painting contractor to do all of your painting. However, if you are set on painting your home DIY style, then there are a few ways you can go about stucco painting. Fall or Spring is the best time of year to paint your home because of the extreme heat in the Arizona summer. It is better for you and the paint. If you know how to deal with the temperatures and the surrounding problems, your home is going to look beautiful once you are done.

Some things to look for include:

  • Fighting the Temps (paint in Fall or Spring)
  • Avoid the Pests
  • Painting Stucco

Fighting the Temps

A dark paint color might look fantastic against the sandy colors of the desert, but it also increases the sun rays it absorbs, which in turn heats the interior of your house, raising the cost of cooling your home (which is probably already too high). So what should you do? You could pick CoolColour brand paints. These are specially designed paints created to reflect more sunlight than your standard paint. Another option is to stick with a light color pallet for your home.

Avoid the Pests

Pests are a major problem in and around the Phoenix metro area. Due to the high temperatures and the humidity (caused by both the occasional rain and the moisture produced by the AC units) it is a breeding ground for cockroaches, scorpions, termites, spiders and all sorts of other insects. In order to prevent these insects from burrowing up in and around your house during stucco painting, make sure to spray the area down with boric acid. This is an excellent way to prevent insects from hanging out on your house.

Painting Your Stucco House

Stucco is one of the most popular materials to use both on the exterior and interior of houses throughout the southwest. This is because it is easy to install, lightweight and reflects the light by breaking up the way light hits it due to the texture. However, if the stucco is applied poorly it can create all sorts of problems, such as the stucco breaking off. To make sure your paint goes on correctly and equally, you should use an elastomeric coating. After you use this, use a single, flat coat of latex paint as it allows for proper moisture movement.

As long as you follow all of these steps your stucco home is going to look beautiful when done.

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