phoenix house painter – how to paint a stucco home properly

At Marcel Painting we make sure our Phoenix house painters take all the necessary steps to make sure you paint job will last for years to come.

We never pick up random workers from a street corner or hire any form of sub contractors. Our Phoenix house painters are trained to take all the necessary steps to ensure a lasting result.

1. Power wash. This is a necessary step that will clean the dirt, dust, tree sap, and other contaminants from the surface. Also as the paint starts to wear out the paint actually disintegrates from the top layer down. This is called chalking which will rub off on your hand if you touch the painted surface. The power wash also helps to remove this layer of chalking.

2. Fill all the cracks and gaps in the stucco and the wood. One of the biggest enemies of the paint job is water. It will get in and speed the deterioration of the painted surface.  Our Phoenix house painters will apply a high quality caulk or stucco patch to the areas of cracking.

3. Protect non-painted surfaces. A skilled phoenix house painter will use tape, plastic, and drop cloths to cover and protect areas where we don’t want paint.

4. Apply a latex primer to all bare surfaces. Our Phoenix house painters will apply the appropriate primer when it is needed to ensure the the finish coat will not have problems of the repair bleeding thru.

5. Apply a thick coat of 100% acrylic paint. You need 3mm of paint film over the existing painted surface for it to last. A good phoenix house painter will apply the paint from side to side and from top to bottom to ensure and even and thick coat.

6. Clean up all the work related debris. A great Phoenix house painter will clean up all the paint chips, stucco remnants, and other debris from the job site so the house looks at good as new.

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