Popcorn Ceiling Removal: Why you should let the pros handle it

popcorn ceiling removal masking  Popcorn ceiling removal is a tough messy job. You have to be careful to completely cover the walls, floors, and also cover the floor path leading to the exit door. The best masking material is .7ml plastic masking film. You should put down 2 layers of plastic on the floor, so after you scrape the popcorn you can pick it up with the first layer and throw it in a trash bag. Make sure you move all or most of the furniture out of the room. You will be glad you did as it will make removal much easier. Also cover ceiling fans and lights with plastic to keep them clean.

After everthing is covered,  make sure you wear an air tight respirator to prevent the drywall dust from getting in your lungs. Get a water hose or paint sprayer if you have one. You will need to soak the ceiling to make it easier to remove. Use a drywall blade to remove the popcorn, but be careful to not put gouges in the ceiling since they will need to be repaired later if you do. After all the popcorn is removed you will need to put a thin coat of drywall mud on all the exposed drywall tape seams. After this dries you need to apply a texture that will match your walls. Texturing is another skill in and of itself and will be covered in a future blog post. You will need to let the texturing dry overnight. The next day you can prime and paint it. The only items left are to clean up all the masking and put all your furniture and personal items back in place.

As you see, popcorn is pretty involved and not much fun. We will do the work for you with no deposit. You pay use when you are satisfied with the work!

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