Prep Your Home For Pool Season with Electrostatic Painting

electrostatic fence paintingIn metro Phoenix, you know that about nine months of the year can very well fall under pool season (especially if you have a heated one). As the days grow longer and the temps push upwards, that water will look more and more inviting. That doesn’t mean you don’t have a bit of work to do to prep your outdoor living space. With BBQs and cookouts taking place outside, having the surrounding area updated and painted is a must. If you have ever tried to paint your fence before, you probably know just how much of a pain it really is. From chain-link to cast iron, trying to coat the paint with a brush just doesn’t work very well, not to mention it is time consuming. That is exactly why you need to check out electrostatic painting. Whether you do it yourself or you bring in professional painting contractors to take care of the job for you, this is a quick and effective way to restore your fence’s beauty.

What is Electrostatic Painting?

The fend surrounding your home and pool has a positive charge. The whole idea is to create a charge in the paint so the paint is automatically attracted to the fence. This way, the paint is drawn to the fence on all sides and doesn’t drip to the ground and cause a mess. If you have ever attempted to just use a standard paint mist around the fence, it results in a haze of paint droppings on the ground and plant life. With electrostatic painting, you’ll completely avoid this kind of problem.

The paint receives a negative electrostatic charge. This way, it is drawn to the positive charge of the fence. With this magnetic connection, the paint forms a beautiful, even coat, all without the mess or problems of brush painting the fence from all sides.

How Does Electrostatic Painting Work?

Electrostatic painting is applied to the metal through a spray method. As the paint is discharged from the nozzle it receives the negative charge. As it comes in contact with the positively charged fence, it clings to the metal. As the paint is applied in a mist, some paint will go through the chain link or around the cast iron. However, as it pushes past initially, the positive charge of the fence will draw the paint back on (like the gravitational pull of the earth pulling objects down within its orbit). This provides a clear and universal coat not only on the front of the fence, but on the sides and the rear.

Beyond allowing for a complete coating of the fence, with the electronically charged paint and fence, you don’t have to worry about paint dripping down to the ground or on local vegetation. This makes it the fastest and easiest way to paint your fence and to prep your outside living area for the warmer weather and pool season. By the end of February, you’re going to see temps in the constant 80’s and higher, which will make that pool extra attractive to you, family members and friends.

How to Paint the Fence

When painting your fence, you have two options. You can rent out the electrostatic painting equipment. It is pretty easy to do and your local home improvement store likely has everything you need. However, if you just don’t have the time or you’re looking for professional work, you can give your painting contractor a call. This way, they can even touch up areas around the house, both inside and out, if you need extra painting work done at home.

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