Prepping Your House for Painting

While painting takes a good amount of work, often times more work goes into prepping a home for painting. You don’t want paint drips on furniture, nor does painting around your sofa work either. Plus, when preventing paint from crossing over onto other colors, there is a good amount of prep work that must be done before any brush stroke or roller can touch the wall. All of these steps are what the best house painters Phoenix has to offer will perform. It is also what helps ensure the highest quality finished paint job.

Furniture and Items in the Room

If at all possible, items are moved out of the room. Small items can be easily placed in other rooms not needing painting, but often times large furniture simply cannot be moved easily. When this is the case, the furniture should be moved towards the center of the room. This gives clear access to all walls to maximize the work space. With all the items that can’t be moved out of the room pushed towards the middle, drop cloths and plastic sheets are placed over everything to prevent any kinds of spills and drips from touching the furniture. Fabric drop cloths are desired as paint is absorbed and dries faster on the cloth. Paint drips on plastic may take much longer to dry.

Drop cloths can be placed on the floor as well, although professional painting contractors are experts in loading up their brushes and rollers to avoid over saturation, which avoids drips, so this generally is not necessary. However, for home owners not used to painting professionally, drop cloths around floors is recommended.

Taping Off Areas

Whether protecting trim, ceilings or other areas where two colors are to come in contact, taping off these other paint colors is important. Tape is one of the main reasons why one paint job looks professionally done and another looks amateurish. Painters tape takes time to install around trim. Many times measurements are needed to avoid crooked lines, so taping off areas and properly setting up for actually starting the painting process is the most time consuming element of all prep work. This is where many home owners become frustrated and try to skip ahead. With so many other tasks to complete around the house, it is not always possible to focus an entire day on taping and prep work (if not more). Ultimately this usually comes at a price and the finished product suffers from it.

Prepping the Walls

Now that the drop cloths are down and the areas are tapped off it is possible to start painting, right? No. The top Phoenix house painting contractors perform several wall prep steps before proceeding. First they dust and clean off the walls, scraping any cracked and flaking paint away. Sanding down these particular areas so it is smooth with the rest of the wall must occur as well, otherwise paint lays down in an uneven manner. If there are holes in the walls from picture frames or any other reason, these holes must be filled and then sanded until smooth. Once complete, the wall should be rubbed down with a wet rag one last time to remove any dust or sanding debris.

After all of this work, it is finally time to start painting. For the eager home owner, it is possible to do much of this themselves, but it takes time and patience. For those owners who would rather bring in the professionals, top house painters in Phoenix are able to come in and perform all of these prep steps before starting to paint.