HOA painting az

HOA Painting guidelines

As a member of a home owners association, your home is held to a minimum standard of appearance and certain rules are in place to make sure this happens. Sometimes you might believe you are holding up your end of the HOA requirements, until you receive a letter in the mail because your exterior painting needs an update. Perhaps it is cracking, faded or simply the wrong color. After all, you don’t want to be kicked out of your beautiful home and you’d much rather avoid a potentially hefty fine. So what should you do? Well, outside of bringing in HOA painting contractors to perform the task for you, you could possibly complete the painting job on your own with little to no help.

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Professional Painting Tips for Painting Stucco

Stucco has been chosen as an exterior for many homes throughout the years.  The consistency of Stucco is very durable and weather-resistant.  This provides an excellent outside finish, which will help in protecting the home.  Over time the stucco can become stained and have small chips or fractures in it and need to be painted or repaired.  Below are some professional painting tips for painting stucco.

House Painting in Phoenix
Painting a stucco house does not need to be a challenge.  The first step in painting must be to prepare the surface for painting.  Begin by using a broom or long handled brush.  Brush off any debris or loose stucco.  Then using a pressure washer is the best way to clean the surface.

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Phoenix Metal and Fence Painting with Electrostatic Painting

Painting your home, complex or facility is difficult work, not to mention it is incredibly time consuming. On top of it all, there are always those tricky areas that just don’t seem to turn out correctly, such as keeping the paint off of your ceiling or maintaining a straight line around the trim. You probably have more important tasks to take care of instead of taping off an area of a room or covering the furniture. Due to this, you need a professional who is able to perform all of your painting needs, no matter the size of the job or what you need painted. This is where Electrostatic Painting comes in. This form of painting is going to provide you the highest quality job, all while ensuring the paint job is finished quickly.

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