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How to Remove Your Old Popcorn Ceiling

popcorn ceilingAt one point in time, popcorn ceilings proved all the rage. It offered a different take on the traditionally smooth ceiling. It also incredibly dates the home as well. Some ‘vintage’ homes can pull off a popcorn ceiling, but it instantly removes that clean, tight look of a new room. It also makes it rather difficult to clean and, if you have a pet or a past tenant/owner who smoked, the smell is going to stick to the popcorn ceiling and prove especially difficult to remove. Instead of trying to wash down the ceiling, why not just remove the popcorn ceiling? Popcorn ceiling removal isn’t necessarily a hard task to do, but it is time consuming and requires some planning. However, as long as you’re up for putting in a bit of elbow grease into your work, your popcorn ceiling removal shouldn’t prove all that difficult.

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Repair that Popcorn Ceiling on the Fly

popcorn ceilingWhen it comes to popcorn ceilings there are basically two camps: you love them or you hate them. There really is no middle ground here. Popcorn ceilings have had different levels of success and have become style points that can point out exactly how old or when a home was constructed. If you find yourself in the party when you enjoy the popcorn ceiling, you are in luck as it is far easier to leave your popcorn ceiling in tact than try to remove it. However, should there be any sort of damage in the ceiling, it is necessary for you to repair the ceiling yourself. Of course, if you do not trust yourself doing this, bringing in Phoenix house painters to repaint your home and repair the popcorn ceiling always works best.

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What to Consider Before Popcorn Ceiling Removal

popcorn ceiling removalInterior design, just like clothing, goes through some rather drastic fads. Popcorn ceilings and walls remain one of the more common fads of the 1950s and continued to build in popularity that now bog down homeowners with the look and undesirable texture. What seemed liked a fantastic idea only a few years ago might now be nothing more than an eyesore to you. So, whether you did it yourself or you purchased a home with popcorn ceilings, you probably have been thinking about popcorn ceiling removal  for a while now but have been wondering what exactly goes into the process and if it is something you can do on your own. [Read more…]

Popcorn Ceiling Removal: Why you should let the pros handle it

popcorn ceiling removal masking  Popcorn ceiling removal is a tough messy job. You have to be careful to completely cover the walls, floors, and also cover the floor path leading to the exit door. The best masking material is .7ml plastic masking film. You should put down 2 layers of plastic on the floor, so after you scrape the popcorn you can pick it up with the first layer and throw it in a trash bag. Make sure you move all or most of the furniture out of the room. You will be glad you did as it will make removal much easier. Also cover ceiling fans and lights with plastic to keep them clean.

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