The benefits of electrostatic painting

electrostatic fence paintingIf you have ever attempted to paint metal before, you have probably found out just how difficult this process can be. The smooth surface of most metals makes it difficult for the paint to remain stuck on the material. It isn’t possible to sand the metal down in order to add some texture and improve the coating of the paint, and beyond that, often times the metal sits in difficult locations for you to easily paint the item.

This is especially the case with iron rod fencing. In order to paint an iron rod fence, it requires you to move in and out of every single rod, and even while doing this you are likely going to find it is difficult to cover the entire surface, all while taking an extremely long amount of time to paint. That is exactly why you need to look into electrostatic painting. There are many benefits of electrostatic painting, all of which make it far more desirable to use than any other method available to you.

While using the electrostatic painting method, the specially formulated paint comes mixed with a chemical catalyst that contains a positive charge. The positive charge automatically seeks out another metal that has a negative charge. To do this, a grounded wire is attached to the metal. This way, the grounded metal instantly attracts the positive paint, allowing the paint to easily coat the metal, without much of trouble.

Typically, the electrostatic paint comes in spray form. The paint is sprayed across the metal, and because of the positive charge placed into the chemicals of the paint, it automatically collects along the metal. Also, because the entire metal is grounded, the positive charged paint is going to look for the closest contact possible. This, in turn, means the paint is going to become evenly coated around the metal. So, if you are painting a metal railing or fence, you don’t have to worry about only one side being painted while the back side is missed. The charge of the paint seeks out the open metal area, so all angles of the metal are coating with the paint.

Thanks to the help of the electrostatic paint, the painting process is completed quickly, and less paint is used during the painting process, which also saves you money. By saving both time and money, you can reinvest your savings in another renovation project.

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