Using Painter’s Tape to Paint Like a Contractor

Painters-Tape1Have you ever watched a home improvement show and noticed just how perfect the paint job comes out? Yet for whatever reason, whenever you try to perform your own in home paint job, the trim never looks right and you always seem to have some spill over from one color of paint to the other, whether it is around the ceiling or other areas in the room. This is not necessarily because you are doing the painting wrong, but simply because there are some steps you are leaving out.

Painter’s tape is one of the most helpful items you can have in your arsenal, and best of all, it really does not cost much. For a few dollars, you can protect different regions around the house and also avoid any sort of overlapping as well. This way, your completed paint job is more likely to look like what professional painting contractors might do. It does take a little bit more time to set it up, but once you have everything established, you no longer have to worry about paint crossing over onto other areas you want to protect and you will always have clean, crisp lines.

First off, when using the tape you still want to avoid heavily painting over it. This is because the paint can start to wick under the tape if you place too much paint on it. Instead, you want to brush up within about two inches or so of the tape, and then go light on the last portion so you can paint just close to the tip of the paint. It’s alright if you touch the tape, but try not to go over it. This way, when you remove the tape it does not pull paint off along with it.

If you want to have one of those beautiful lines of paint that looks like an excellent pinstripe, you want to place the tape down and then apply a small bead of latex caulk over the edge where both colors are going to come together. This way, when you peel off the tape  and paint up to the line the thin bead is going to seal off the dry surface and protect one area from the paint far better than just having the tape. This way, your completed paint job is going to look like what painting contractors do on a regular basis.

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