What to Consider Before Popcorn Ceiling Removal

popcorn ceiling removalInterior design, just like clothing, goes through some rather drastic fads. Popcorn ceilings and walls remain one of the more common fads of the 1950s and continued to build in popularity that now bog down homeowners with the look and undesirable texture. What seemed liked a fantastic idea only a few years ago might now be nothing more than an eyesore to you. So, whether you did it yourself or you purchased a home with popcorn ceilings, you probably have been thinking about popcorn ceiling removal  for a while now but have been wondering what exactly goes into the process and if it is something you can do on your own. Truth be told, it isn’t as simple as just sanding it down. To properly remove the popcorn ceiling from your home and rid yourself of the undesirable design, you need to utilize a few specific techniques in order to give yourself the beautifully looking interior you have been wanting.

Before you starting concerning yourself with the popcorn ceiling removal, think about the age of your house. Chances are, if your house was built before 1979, you might have asbestos inside of the ceiling. This makes it even more of an important renovation factor to remove the popcorn elements from your ceiling. To check, you need to take a ceiling sample. In order to do this, spray down a few areas on the ceiling (in different locations) with a spray bottle mixed with water and a bit of liquid detergent, then scrape an inch or so of the popcorn off and seal it with a plastic bag. You can then have a professional test it out. If it comes back positive with asbestos, you need to bring in professionals to remove the material from your house. While you probably want to do it yourself, when it comes to asbestos, the professionals can ensure your family’s safety and overall health.

In terms of the popcorn removal process, remove everything from inside of the room or cover it with a painters canvas. This is important to consider, as it isn’t just painting over the ceiling. You actually are going to spray water over the entire ceiling, which means the room is going to get wet. You also need to think about the amount of time you have available, as this is a labor inclusive project to take on. Between scraping, patching and painting, plan on spending quite a few hours or days on this project.

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