What to Expect When Asking An Exterior Painting Quote

window shutters paintingIf you have ever attempted to paint the exterior of a home, you know just how difficult it is to match the same quality level of professionals. Due to this, seeking out painting contractors to come and paint the outside of your house is a must. Additionally, it saves you time while helping you avoid injury or mishaps while painting your home. With that being said, you should know what to expect while asking for exterior painting quotes. Painting the exterior of a home comes with different variables than painting a room inside of the house, so knowing what to look for and what questions to ask is necessary.

Are Second Levels More?

Some painting contractors quote you a price per square foot and that is that. However, other painting contractors charge more for second and third floor painting performed. The job requires additional equipment such as ladders, not to mention it does slow down the painting process. There is an element of danger to it as well due to the additional height. So, when asking for an exterior painting quote, make sure to inquire about any sort of up charge or increase of price when working on higher level floors.

Is Shutter Removal Included?

If your home’s exterior is built out of wood, there is a good chance it also features shutters. Painting behind the shutters helps insure a smooth, clear coating. You should ask if there is a price increase for temporarily removing the shutters before placing the displays back into position. Some contractors include this in the price when offering the exterior painting quotes while others add on fees for the removal and re-installation. Asking about this ahead of time can save you money, as you might simply decide to remove the shutters yourself (at least the ones you can). If a company charges you a per-shutter removal fee, taking care of what you can helps cut down on the final price.

Do Exterior Painting Quotes Include Sanding or Power Washing?

When changing the exterior color of your home, it requires either the removal and installation of new composite siding, power washing, or the sanding down of a previous color followed by painting with the new color. Now, sanding or power washing does not typically need to be complete. Instead it is used to remove loose paint chips and to smooth out the surface. There are some companies that include this with the square footage price tag while others do not include it at all. You need to have the house properly prepped prior to painting. It helps the fresh paint last longer, giving you a longer life to the paint job.

What Sort of Warranty is Included?

Always ask about a warranty on the paint. You shouldn’t pay to have the entire exterior of your home painted, only to have the color start to fade or chip off in a few years. If you had to paint your home every few years, it simply would prove too expensive to maintain. Due to this, there should always be a warranty included. Some warranties start at 10 years, while others are 20 or more. There are some exceptions, such as damage to the paint due to weather conditions (such as a branch knocked off of a tree and scratching the side of your home), but for the most part, you need to have a warranty (and make sure the warranty covers both paint and the cost of workers). This way, you have peace of mind knowing you don’t need to pay for further painting touch ups until at least the warranty expires.

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