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Commercial painting projects require a very disciplined and focused approach from the very beginning. Our commercial painting specialists are committed to delivering quality and professional results on every project, every time!

Our Commercial Painting Services

Marcel Painting provides a wide range of commercial painting services, allowing for exceptional results in every type business for a smooth, seamless experience. Our painting teams approach every painting project with an eye for detail.

We offer Low Odor & Non-VOC Painting Options. VOC means the paint contains no volatile organic compounds and are generally safer to use indoors and doesn’t generally cause issues from off-gassing.

Superior Painting Solutions for Office Spaces, Retail Outlets, & Healthcare
When your establishment needs a new coat of paint, we realize that each building and client is unique and requires a unique approach to how we provide our services. We will adapt our services to meet your needs, budget, and aesthetics. There are many benefits of working with us for your commercial interior and exterior painting needs, including:
  • Working around your schedule and needs
  • The use of low-odor, low-VOC paint products to protect sensitive clients and employees
  • Completion of full repairs prior to painting, including power pressure washing, filling, sanding, and repairing any drywall damage and ceilings for a professional finish
  • Transparent communication with you every step of the way
  • Protecting all non-painting surfaces while maintaining a clean, safe working environment
  • Total clean-up of the worked-on area once we’re finished
  • The fastest and most reliable completion times without compromising our standards in the industry
  • We have the proper licensing, insurance, certifications, and financial strength to meet your needs.

We provide several professional commercial painting services!

Choosing Marcel Painting means.....

Our top priority is client satisfaction. We hire only professional commercial painters who have expertise in painting offices and business. With our name-brand paints, you’re ensured continued performance with a written 3 year warranty. Your offices will look great, and the painting work will be completed on time, every time, with minimal disruption to your routine business operation. We will accommodate your busy work schedule by completing the painting on nights and weekends if needed.

Keep Your Offices Looking Professional Year-Round!

We know your business keeps you busy. You don’t have time to worry about walls that become dirty, scuffed or damaged in high-traffic areas, such as lobbies, hallways, and break rooms. Call Marcel Painting, and we’ll keep your offices nice and “fresh!” To meet your needs, we offer flexible after-hours scheduling, when you and your clients have concluded business for the day. And, with our eco-friendly low-odor, quick-dry paints, you’ll hardly notice we were there!

As a full service painting company we’re sure that we have everything you need for your commercial painting project. A fresh, new coat of paint for your building isn’t just its first line of defense against dust and moisture, it’s also a great way to make sure that it looks the best that it can. We understand how important keeping your building in good repair is, and take a lot of pride in being a commercial painting company that you can really rely on. We work hard to be a trustworthy, competitive commercial painting company and are glad to offer comprehensive free estimates to get your project started the right way.

Exterior Painting

We can provide a quality exterior painting job that can transform your building with fresh color, conforming to existing standards or make a fresh, bold statement

Interior Painting

Our painting company will complete all interior painting projects with the utmost respect for the property, its contents, and its occupants in a timely fashion.

High-Durability Coatings

Applying high-durability coatings for walls, floors, and high-wear areas that require long-term painting solutions is done flawlessly by our commercial painting team.

Power Pressure Washing

For excellent paint adherence, a clean surface is needed. When needed, we offer power pressure washing services before painting begins.

Apartment and Condo Painting

There are options available when it comes to Apartment and Condo Painting. Having your properties repainted and looking pristine is good business.

In many cases, a one-coat refresh is all that’s required. It usually covers baseboards, walls and door frames that get a single coat refresh with the exact same color and generally covers high wear areas and bringing most units back to a new appearance for easy rental.

A total repaint can consist of significant cleaning, wall repairs, caulking and other preparations and is typically done for new ownership or when rental units have tenants, or for units that have had significant wear and tear.

Area touch-ups involve touching up blemishes on specified walls and or rooms that have had significant wear. This works best when there is a consistency in the colors and paints being used.

Industrial Painting

Unlike commercial painting, industrial painting can also include any type of painting that’s done on machineries such as automobiles, boats, or aircraft, or on structures such as bridges. Durability is of paramount importance, and additional care is taken to make sure that the final product looks good as well as being durable and long-lasting since the public will be exposed to these items.

Many industrial companies favor oil-based paints instead of latex because oil-based paints take longer to dry making them more durable and longer lasting. Sometimes, in addition to traditional paint, protective varnishes are applied to further enhance the durability and longevity of the paint.

Retail Store Painting

If you are starting a new business and need to make improvements to your space, or if you're simply just redecorating your current store, then you'll want an experienced painter with an eye for detail and an understanding of the psychology of color.
We are a full-service interior/exterior painting contractor specializing in commercial projects. We can provide consultation for you about color for your retail space and help you set whatever mood or tone you'd like your customers to feel while in your store. Once the colors and specific finishes are settled on, we'll prep and paint the space for you.
We can provide you with a high-quality, upper-class appearance that will impress your customers helping your business to succeed. We help you make the right color decisions for your retail space, from simple and sleek single-color or bi-color schemes or to something outlandish and exciting to meet your needs.

Our Retail Painting Services include:

  • Specialized color scheme
  • Retail painting for walls and ceilings
  • Professional color consulting
  • Retail painting for trim and doors

Healthcare Painting

Painting medical and healthcare facilities requires an expertly planned, and well-coordinated dance of communication and timing, smart product choices properly scheduled service time. We have painted several healthcare facilities over the years and our painting team has worked together for years, meaning your facility gets the best of our process, professionalism and long-standing teamwork.
We offer the most appropriate products for your environment:
  • Easy to clean rigid surfaces
  • Coatings that are chemical-resistant
  • Low or Zero VOC paints
  • Where possible, sustainable products

Hospitality Painting

When your property caters to business travelers such as hotels/motels/airbnb’s, guests have expectations for clean, pleasant facilities. Once walls, floors, and other surfaces start to show neglect, it will certainly attract negative attention and bad reviews which is something no property manager or owner wants, especially in today’s competitive and challenging markets.

Guests visit your hotels/motels to take them to a different destination, a place of calm or creativity, or relaxation for a few days of luxury they’d never get at home. A clean maintained, beautifully painted hotel face and well-appointed rooms are important to creating the experience guests love – and to keep them coming back.

Perhaps the most important concern is finding a commercial painting contractor who can work as discreetly as possible since most hotels never close. You must have the ability to work safely and shield hotel guests and staff from the hazards and inconveniences of doing the job.

School Painting

Schools, universities and other educational facilities are primarily high-traffic areas that are constantly experiencing wear and tear, so they will need painting and finishing from time to time. Classrooms and lunchrooms could benefit from repainting with paints with low or no volatile organic compounds (VOCs) to reduce emissions and walls and lockers need tough finishes to prevent scratches and scuffs.

We can give your school’s interior a new look by refreshing offices, classrooms, lunch rooms, hallways, auditoriums, science and technology labs, gymnasiums, and any area in the school. We not only paint interiors but also give the exteriors a new look for your school districts, colleges and universities. We provide high-quality professional painting services that last and it’s a decision you won’t regret. Let us give your school a high-quality paint job that your faculty and students will love.

Exterior Painting

Exterior painting is about a lot more than just a fashion statement—it provides protection against the elements. Arizona the weather can take its toll on any exterior surface and take the luster out of a cheap paint job after just a couple of years. Applying high quality paint with the proper technique ensures that your home will look great for years to come. We also repair stucco and fascia/trim boards or siding while we prep the outside of the house for painting and back that up with UP TO A 10 YEAR warranty against chalky, cracked or peeling paint.
We follow the strictest guidelines to do each job right including:
  • Painting Brick, Concrete, Block, Metal & More
  • Grinding & Caulking any Stair-cracking in Stonework Surfaces
  • Blast Cleaning and/or Power Washing
  • Exterior Waterproofing
  • Elastomeric Coatings
  • Corrosion Control measures

Interior Painting

For interior painting we carefully move and cover furniture, then remove or mask outlets and any trim, baseboard, or crown molding. We can do any necessary drywall repairs, fix holes or cracks, with spackle, caulking or joint compound, then primer necessary areas all as a normal part of preparing a job. Once the prep is done, our professional painting contractors coat your walls with the best products available and never ever water them down.

Our goals are to maintain safety, quality and productivity while treating every client with attentive, flexible service. We make every effort to provide excellent results without disrupting your business because we understand the complex needs of commercial and industrial painting projects

We will accommodate your scheduling needs, all at no extra cost!

When appropriate, we use low-odor, low-VOC products to protect sensitive patients, clients and employees.

We work professionally and efficiently as we complete your job/s in a timely manner without compromising our standards of excellence.

High-Durability Coatings

Commercial and industrial properties may require specialized, heavy-duty, high-performance coatings to withstand the workplace and environmental burdens placed upon them. Using the proper building substrate repair and preparation will lead to long-lasting results.

We are reliable experienced commercial painting specialists that will deliver top-quality work all with cost-conscious recommendations while minimizing business disruption.

Paints and coatings that contain superior scuff and stain resistance qualities are the best choice as these products are better able to resist marks, scuffs and stains and are also far easier to scrub off without leaving noticeable blemishes.

Choosing medium or high gloss paints and coatings can help sustain an attractive appearance longer and help resist discoloration. We know the complexity of high-performance paints and coatings selection, while knowing how to properly apply them over previously painted surfaces to achieve years of high-performance

Pressure Washing

We start by using varying amounts of low-pressure, to make sure your property gets cleaned without damage, while using different types of industry-approved cleaners and degreasers to help in the cleaning efforts, to help remove tough stains or build-up.
Before scraping, pressure washing should be done first on all exterior surfaces to be repainted, including gutters, siding, trim and windows.
Proper Pressure washing will ensure that:
  • Painting over mold, chipping paint and grime is inviting your new paint job to peel before it’s time. The deeply embedded debris and grime will be removed from the surface so the paint will look even on all the redone surfaces while improving the durability, and longevity of the paint.
  • Pressure washing gives the paint and any caulking material used the best chance to adhere to the surface because all moisture will be blocked so it cannot seep into the wall areas, floor areas, or other areas.

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    Andrew StewartAndrew Stewart
    18:31 28 Jun 22
    Your search is over. This is the company you want to hire period. I received estimates from most the major painting companies in the area. One came in at DOUBLE the cost! Marcel were not only the LEAST expensive but their administrative professionalism and, most importantly, the QUALITY of their work was EXCEPTIONAL.Dean provided the estimate, answered when I called, and responded to texts regularly. I was lucky enough to be assigned Armondo and his crew to complete the actual prep and painting process as well. They worked incredibly hard to make every detail just right. They met every single one of my (sometimes picky) expectations and then some.The measure of a business is how they respond when unforeseen problems evolve. They did NOT try to take advantage of me when they easily could have.This ENTIRE organization did what they said they would do, on time, and worked with me to overcome the monumental task of applying over 45 gallons of paint just right - Oh yeah, they were also available in a week or two instead of 6 months out…just a great business to work with, with quality people, driven by what appears to be a high ethical ideal.I have a seven year warranty, in my particular agreement, and I will sleep easy on the assumption that they will respond to future needs as well as they did to my initial work.
    Donna VDonna V
    22:43 20 Oct 21
    Marcel over-delivered on expectations!I largely relied on word-of-mouth and neighborhood experience to find Marcel. They delivered stellar results!!The crew was highly conscientious, professional and a pleasure to have around my home. Their prep work was meticulous and end result perfect! And price was competitive. What more could you want?
    Lynne MoritzLynne Moritz
    00:39 06 Apr 21
    Samuel of Marcel painting arrived on a Tuesday morning, alone, to paint my home. He completed the entire home by Friday afternoon. My home is a 2 story, 3,750 sq .ft house! He power washed everything (got my second story windows clean to boot), repaired areas of the plaster that had been damaged by sprinklers, and so many cracks I hadn't even noticed. He carefully taped up every window and opening to protect what areas were not to be painted and even made room in the rocks at the foundation to completely paint. He cleaned up everything and left my home looking brand new. I'm very pleased with the job. Thank you Samuel.
    Nicole AndersonNicole Anderson
    22:52 18 Mar 21
    I hired Marcel Painting to repaint the exterior of my house. They did an excellent job! They finished everything in one day and it turned out great! I absolutely love it! I would recommend them to anyone who needs painting done. Thanks again!
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