Which is better for your commercial property: Wall Paint or Wallpaper? -Tempe, Arizona

We are professional painters at Marcel Painting. We can assist you in making the right decision, one that is appropriate not only for your preferences but also for your facility.

Paints used in commercial structures, warehouses, and facility interiors

We understand that each building has unique requirements, which is why we will select the best paint for your facility, whether it's an office building, warehouse, or industrial facility—any type of commercial facility—we know interior painting techniques, the best paint brands to use, and every aspect of a commercial painting job that will produce professional results.

There is a right and a wrong paint to use in every situation, from high traffic areas to cubicle offices. Rather than wasting money on costly trial and error, hire the right painting contractor and see immediate results.

Wallpapers in business interior design

Wallpaper may be just what you're looking for to add a touch of style to your commercial space. When you choose the right color/pattern, you can achieve your functional goals while also catering to your individual sense of style, giving your commercial property the panache that impresses customers.

The difference between residential wallpaper and the product installed by professionals in commercial properties is that residential paper is frequently much thinner than the paper we install for commercial clients. 

Because public spaces see more traffic, the paper must be more durable. Because of the higher construction standards, there are fewer pattern options than residential wallpaper, but there are still plenty. Wallpaper may be just what you're looking for to add a touch of style to your commercial space. When you choose the right color or pattern, you can achieve your functional goals while also catering to your individual sense of style, giving your commercial property the panache that impresses customers.

The difference between residential wallpaper and the product installed by professionals in commercial properties is that residential paper is frequently much thinner than the paper we install for commercial clients. Because public spaces see more traffic, the paper must be more durable. Because of the higher construction standards, there are fewer pattern options than with residential wallpaper, but there are still plenty of choices.

Important considerations when deciding between painting and wallpaper

You're not alone if you're undecided about whether to use paint or wallpaper. Many of our business owners are in the middle and require assistance to feel confident they are making the right decision.

Fortunately, there are some key factors to consider that will assist you in making that decision. In some cases, the amount of preparation required to begin a job is the deciding factor.

Which method requires the most preparation of the wall surface?

Downtime is a significant disruptor for commercial properties that must be open to conduct business. Downtime can completely derail what appeared to be a solid plan from the start. For example, if your project requires removing old wallpaper, which is a time-consuming task, you must consider this before proceeding.

But it's not just wallpapering that necessitates extensive preparation. If you intend to paint your home, but numerous areas need to be repaired before primer and paint can be applied, you'll need to factor that into your timeline as well. When it comes to which process takes longer, preparing walls for paint or preparing walls for wallpaper, preparing walls for paper almost always takes longer.

Options for appearance and variety

When it comes to paint or wallpaper, one thing you don't have to worry about is a lack of style and color options. In most cases, it is a matter of taste. However, your choice may be influenced by the environment you're in. For example, if your space feels a little cramped, you could use paint because the right tone of paint can make a space feel larger than it is. With wallpaper, this is more difficult to achieve.

Fortunately, your color options in paint and wallpaper are nearly limitless, so if getting the right hue is important to you, you should be fine. You should also think about the sheen of your paint, which is controlled by the amount of gloss in it. Similarly, wallpaper is available in vinyl, which can also provide the desired sheen.

Which is more durable, paint or wallpaper?

Durability is an important consideration for clients who want their surfaces painted or wallpapered to last a long time. So, which has the longest lifespan?

How durable is paint?

Paint is frequently regarded as a very durable option, and it is likely the best option for areas prone to moisture, but in most cases, paint does not outlast the lifespan of wallpaper. The environment has a significant impact on how long your paint will last. For example, you'd be more likely to use a finishing sheen that repels water in bathrooms, which are subjected to a lot of moisture. Painting a bathroom in a matte or eggshell finish would result in less desirable longevity.

Whether it's just a fine layer of dust or something more substantial, like a stain, you'll have to wipe down your walls at some point, and you don't want to rub off your paint while doing so. Glossy and semi-gloss paints are the least likely to succumb to scrubbing pressure. A particularly stubborn stain on a matte finish will almost certainly necessitate "elbow grease," which may result in the paint rubbing off. As a result, it's a good idea to keep extra paint on hand for touch-ups as needed.

How durable is wallpaper?

Wallpaper can last for 15 years or more if properly cared for. That's longer than most people will want to keep it because, as trends change, wallpaper can be changed to reflect what's current or simply to provide a "change of scenery." The good news is that wallpaper can withstand high-traffic areas such as restaurants and hospitals, as well as recreational buildings and offices. The only caution with wallpaper and its durability is to avoid hanging it in areas that receive a lot of moisture.

When hiring a contractor to paint or install wallpaper for you, it's critical to choose wisely because only the most reputable and trusted contractors will be able to do it in such a way that you get the most out of your investment. And, because all materials are susceptible to collision, if you have high-traffic areas in your home or business, the sooner you can have repairs made to your surfaces, the longer they will last.

Maintenance: is it easier to clean paint or wallpaper?

In an ideal world, your surfaces would be free of collisions and stains, but accidents do happen. The extent of your problem will be determined by the type of paint or wallpaper used on your surfaces. Vinyl wallpaper, for example, is almost always washable, whereas velvety flock wallpaper may be ruined if exposed to the right type of stain.

As a result, the more stylish your wallpaper becomes, the more difficult it is to remove dirt, grime, and stains. Additionally, your glossy paint will be much easier to clean than eggshell or matte paint. As a general rule, cleaning paint is almost always easier than cleaning wallpaper.

Expense: how much does it cost to paint and wallpaper walls?

The size of the work area is the most important factor in determining cost, whether it's wallpaper or paint. The complexity of the work area is the next consideration; if extensive lift systems are required, it may take more time to set up and complete the job, which only adds to the cost. When it comes to price differences between paint and wallpaper, paint is the less expensive of the two.

Regardless of which option you choose, always hire a professional contractor with years of experience to complete the work, as you will get the most value out of your project when experts do the work.

Get a professional painter for your next interior painting project in the Tempe area

Our years of service at Marcel Painting have proven our dedication to customers of all types. We provide guidance, advice, and exemplary services to our clients, demonstrating our commitment to exceeding expectations.

We understand that communication is the key to success, so when you hire us, we collaborate closely with project managers, property managers, and owners to ensure that every detail of a job is covered. This includes everything from deciding on the type of paint to use in various areas of the property to preparing the work area and providing industry-leading installation services.

Finally, we conduct a thorough walkthrough and cleanup to ensure that the property looks far better than when we arrived. If you have any questions, please contact us and we will discuss your project.


  • Your search is over. This is the company you want to hire period. I received estimates from most the major painting companies in the area. One came in at DOUBLE the cost! Marcel were not only the LEAST expensive but their administrative professionalism and, most importantly, the QUALITY of their work was EXCEPTIONAL. Dean provided the estimate, answered when I called, and responded to texts regularly. I was lucky enough to be assigned Armondo and his crew to complete the actual prep and painting process as well. They worked incredibly hard to make every detail just right. They met every single one of my (sometimes picky) expectations and then some. The measure of a business is how they respond when unforeseen problems evolve. They did NOT try to take advantage of me when they easily could have. This ENTIRE organization did what they said they would do, on time, and worked with me to overcome the monumental task of applying over 45 gallons of paint just right - Oh yeah, they were also available in a week or two instead of 6 months out…just a great business to work with, with quality people, driven by what appears to be a high ethical ideal. I have a seven year warranty, in my particular agreement, and I will sleep easy on the assumption that they will respond to future needs as well as they did to my initial work.

    Andrew Stewart Avatar Andrew Stewart

    We just had our house painted and could not be happier, Samuel was amazing and did an outstanding job. Job was easy and clean start to finish and we could not be happier with the experience. Highly recommend Marcel Painting for your painting needs.

    Sunny D Avatar Sunny D

    I was in a hurry to get the entire interior of my new home custom painted before all of our furniture arrived. Everyone told me that would never happen. My realtor referred me to Marcel. They came out that day and gave me a great quote with excellent options. The team showed up the next day and was completely done in 2.5 days...I thought for sure the job was rushed and there would be so many mistakes...but after a thorough review (even with a general contractor friend of mine)...the results were too notch! Thank you to Marcel Painting and Armando...great work and customer service!!

    Scott Alderman Avatar Scott Alderman
  • I contracted Marcel Painting to Paint the exterior of my rental house and they showed up on time, did a fantastic job, and were on there way. I will defiantly use them again.

    Brian Gaffney Avatar Brian Gaffney

    Javier is a "one-man" show. He removed our "popcorn ceiling", textured, painted bedroom walls and doors, painted the exterior trim of our home---all in two days. Good work, Javier.

    Lance Carter Avatar Lance Carter

    Very positive experience with Marcel Painting. My back porch ceiling had paint flaking off all over and drooping drywall. When they were done it looked like new.

    Marc Casanova Avatar Marc Casanova
  • ???? I stopped to get directions to another business that was nearby. But the gentleman that gave me directions was open and friendly. By that i would think Marcel Paintings has very top notch customer service. Idk about their products or pricing, but they seem like sweet folks. ?

    izzatrite Avatar izzatrite

    We used Marcel Painting to paint our wrought iron pool fence and from the very first contact for the estimate through the completion of the project, they were responsive and very easy to work with. We will definitely use them again for our painting needs!

    Debbie Halbert Avatar Debbie Halbert

    Great experience! The exterior of our home was painted by Marcel Painting. They did an excellent job in prepping the house and in cleaning up. The house looks great! Great job for a great price!

    Micah Crawford Avatar Micah Crawford
  • I wanted to let you know how happy we are with our house painting!  Your guys did an outstanding job!  The house looks wonderful!  They were clean and meticulous and very friendly too.  The colors look even better than we imagined.  The house looks new again!  I’m happy to give you a 5 star review.  Thanks again!

    Steve Taylor Avatar Steve Taylor

    Marcel painting did a great job! Fernando, Eduardo, Jose, and Juan were professional, courteous, and treated my home with respect. The crew was highly skilled and did high quality work. I plan to use Marcel Painting for all my future painting needs.

    patricia finch Avatar patricia finch

    Last week Marcel Painting painted the exterior of our home. Their estimate was reasonable but the quality of their work was superior. The crew of Javier and Mario were attentive to our concerns and did everything we asked and more. If possible, I would give them more than 5 stars. We have already had compliments from our neighbor and requests for referrals. I would not hesitate to recommend Marcel Painting.

    Charlene Young Avatar Charlene Young
  • Marcel over-delivered on expectations! I largely relied on word-of-mouth and neighborhood experience to find Marcel. They delivered stellar results!!The crew was highly conscientious, professional and a pleasure to have around my home. Their prep work was meticulous and end result perfect! And price was competitive. What more could you want?

    Donna V Avatar Donna V

    I hired Marcel Painting to repaint the exterior of my house. They did an excellent job! They finished everything in one day and it turned out great! I absolutely love it! I would recommend them to anyone who needs painting done. Thanks again!

    Nicole Anderson Avatar Nicole Anderson

    Samuel of Marcel painting arrived on a Tuesday morning, alone, to paint my home. He completed the entire home by Friday afternoon. My home is a 2 story, 3,750 sq .ft house! He power washed everything (got my second story windows clean to boot), repaired areas of the plaster that had been damaged by sprinklers, and so many cracks I hadn't even noticed. He carefully taped up every window and opening to protect what areas were not to be painted and even made room in the rocks at the foundation to completely paint. He cleaned up everything and left my home looking brand new. I'm very pleased with the job. Thank you Samuel.

    Lynne Moritz Avatar Lynne Moritz
  • Excellent experience with Marcel Painting! Dean came out to give us a quote; he was friendly, knowledgeable and answered all of our questions. Our painter Samuel was awesome; he was punctual, carefully taped everything off and did a fantastic job on the painting. The new exterior paint took years off our home and we couldn’t be happier. Thanks so much!

    Jenna M Avatar Jenna M

    The team from Marcel were simply wonderful to work with and the quality of their work was exceptional. We have a large house that had, until recently, been covered with vines. The team were exceedingly careful with the power washing and the exterior painting and the house looks beautiful as a result. It was a huge job but you would never have known it from their cheery engagement and enjoyment of bringing the house back to its original beauty.

    Diana Bowman Avatar Diana Bowman

    I contracted with Marcel Painting for the exterior of the house and the inside of the common wall. The crew arrived promptly. We thoroughly discussed the colors and the scope of the project. The crew cleaned, caulked, prepped the home with plastic to protect areas that were not needing paint. After the painting work was complete they had a detail crew go over every section to quality check the paint coverage. The items that they removed to have access to the wall surface they returned to the proper location when the painting was complete. I'm completely satisfied with the work provided. Highly recommend Marcel Painting.

    Wendy Krank Avatar Wendy Krank
  • Kelly and the team at Marcel Painting have painted several houses for me over the years!! They are very professional, priced well, and do an amazing job!! I highly recommend Marcel Painting for interior, exterior, or any of your painting needs!! Thanks Kelly for taking great care of me and my clients! Keep up the Great Work!!

    mgfoulds13 Avatar mgfoulds13

    Absolutely fantastic paint job! Quick, efficient and timely from bid to completion process :) Our company is beyond satisfied and we have referred Marcel Painting to personal friends and other companies. Will use them in the future! Thanks Kelly! -Francine over at Genius Network :)

    Admin Assistant Avatar Admin Assistant

    Marcel Painting did a great job with our painting project. Kelly came to our home and gave us a fair & honest quote. His crew arrived on time and were very attentive. We are very happy with the results! I would highly recommend Marcel Painting. Great job!

    Steve Taylor Avatar Steve Taylor
  • This was my second time using them, first for interior and now exterior. They were responsive, on time, quick, and thorough. I had a lot of vines and bushes in my yard and was concerned about painting around them, but they were able to accommodate. I would definitely hire them again.

    Brian Bresnahan Avatar Brian Bresnahan

    Very happy with our experience with Marcel for house exterior. They were priced well, quick to respond, and very thorough. Painters were very courteous, cheerful, and polite.

    Crystal Gorishek Avatar Crystal Gorishek

    Abel Hernandez and his crew painted my daughter's house and they did an excellent job. The wood on part of the house was terribly dry and faded. Now it looks brand new. It is clearly the nicest house on the block. I highly recommend Marcel painting and specifically ask for Abel Hernandez.

    Shirley Moreno Avatar Shirley Moreno
  • EXTERIOR HOUSE PAINTING: MESA, AZ Marcel Painting was a recommended quality painting company doing business in Mesa, AZ. The subdivision HOA restrictions for the paint exterior house/trim/paint requirements made it challenging in selecting the appropriate paint company. The HOA paint requirements were more stringent than a typical home owner could imagine. We were also concerned for the finished quality as the home has various clay tile roof lines and multiple variations to the structure. Kelly provided staff to investigate the HOA requirements and confirmed that the painting would confirm to all the HOA requirements. Kelly and staff of Marcel Painting were professional, responsive, prompt with excellent communication skills. Unexpected issues were attended to immediately and solved within short order. The entire exterior painting was completed within time and quoted price. We are pleased with the quality of painting and completeness of the project. We would highly recommend Marcel Painting for any future exterior painting. We will also consider Marcel Painting for painting the interior. Thank you Kelly and staff at Marcel Painting

    EDO Avatar EDO

    We hired Marcel Painting to paint our two-story lobby at my office building. They did a wonderful job! Kelly was great to work with and his staff was kind, punctual, and did a great job! We are incredibly happy the quality of work! We would hire Marcel Painting again in a heartbeat!

    RoseAnn Linsmeyer Avatar RoseAnn Linsmeyer

    We had a great experience with them. The painting crew was very courteous and did a great job. The owner was very understanding and made sure we would be happy with our choices. They even happily came back out to touch up some places in the house. We plan to use them for our exterior painting project as well.

    Goldebean Avatar Goldebean
  • We had the interior of our house painted and it turned out great. The two painters were very good at protecting the floor with plastic. Removing and replacing wall plates. Masking things like fans and lights. Very neat and tidy. Had the popcorn ceiling in the garage removed and had the garage interior painted as well. From dingy dirty garage to bright clean work space and car sanctuary. Price was fair and reasonable... really felt like I got my money’s worth. I just had my backyard fence stuccoed and plan to contact Marecel’s when it’s time to paint it. My experience leads me to highly recommend. PS: I think it helped quite a bit that my wife and I moved all the furniture into the center of the rooms, emptied the garage and just made the work space suited for painting. I was paying for painting services, not furniture moving. Again... very pleased with the final product.

    George Cook Avatar George Cook

    Best painting ever!

    Jimmy Durden Avatar Jimmy Durden

    I was extremely pleased with the professionalism and quality provided by Marcel Painting. I recently hired Marcel Painting to handle removal of the popcorn ceiling in a home I purchased. Not only was the result amazing, but I was also very surprised at how reasonably priced they were. Exceptional service from the estimate all the way through to the completed project. I would highly recommend Marcel Painting!

    Nicole Larson Avatar Nicole Larson

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